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The social roles are constantly changing based on the situational factors, elements of third parties as well as on the stage of the lifecycle for the individuals and the inherent characteristics of the person. “Within an existing social system, people are assigned to roles. A given individual performs a specified set of behaviors and occupies a specific position. To some extent, these behaviors are performed by any person occupying that position regardless of who he is or what his personal characteristics are.” (‘Social Influence – Power of social rôles’)

Conformity to different roles tends to create discrepancies and confusion amongst individuals in terms of the roles they play in the society. Role confusion is also predominant in situations where conformity for social roles is present for individuals. The role confusion taken place when the individual is unable to determine which role he or she should be playing in a certain situation and in order to resolve this confusion tends to conform to the role which better suits and benefits the individual.  This conformity to different social roles for an individual can also lead to role conflicts that can affect the way the individuals behave in different situations specially when they are under the role strains and pressure from external parties.

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Essay: Social Roles and the Element of Conformity
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