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It is usually brought on by social anxiety — fear of embarrassment, discomfort at confusion, a sense of inferiority, a desire to be liked, and so on.” (Boeree, 1999) The conformity to obedient social roles is mostly based on the difficulty level of the task at hand, the perception of competence of the groups to which the individual may belong or might want to belong, the perception of the status of the group and those belonging in it by the individual, the importance and the cohesiveness of the group, The composition of the group as well as the group size and the unanimity in the group.

The cultural variables that can effect and influence conformity pertain to the nationality of the individual, the degree of alienation that is experienced by the individuals in terms of those around him/ her, the assigned status if the individual, as well as the gender differences and their dynamics which might b active on the person and his/ her personality. Moreover in certain circumstances women are found to be more confirmative while in others, the men have the characteristics to be more confirmative than the women.

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Essay: Society Dynamics and Behavioral Conformity
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