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In order to resolve the issue of increasing discrimination reports and effectively implement the laws pertaining to anti discrimination, the Government of UK needs to invest extensively in development programs which aim at informing the general public about their rights and how the legislation can protect them against discrimination. Aside from this the Anti Legislative Act also needs to be revised in order to include the elements of stereotyping and cultural history as the basis for strong sentiments against communities resulting in discrimination. Pertaining to the disability laws, “the DLR need to consider the actions which are needed to provide a genuinely ‘level playing field’ for all. For example, could ‘reasonable accommodation’, a concept from disability law, be helpful?” (‘Discrimination’, 2006, p5) Aside from this the “DLR must provide strong legal rights to carers leave, and genuinely flexible working, as well as positive action, to really tackle inequality.” (‘Discrimination’, 2006, p5)

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Essay: Solutions for Increasing Discrimination
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