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The company of SCC on the other hall has a 1 percent contribution to the European market. Moreover the operations of the SCC Company are mainly set up for Europe which constitutes as a main portion of its market. The SCC Company as a result has a much less significance and presence in the other international markets of Americas, Africa and Asia Pacific. The international marketing efforts of the Unicer Company are based on creating a standard for the products in the regional market and then marketing them on to the international markets.

However the company has also developed specific products and brands for the international markets as well according to the changing tastes and demands signified by the consumers. The SCC Company on the other hand has had a recent change in management in the year 2000 which has led to the company still trying to standardise its products with the codes of the Scottish & Newcastle company. This has led to a much slower rate of internationalisation and marketing efforts for the company in the international markets.

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Essay: SSC Company Vs Unicer Company
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