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The trend for childcare and the related services has considerably increased due to the increased participation of women in the workforce since the 1970s (Hofferth and Phillips, 1987). This has increased the need for childcare as depicted by the families.“With more emphasis on school achievement and more mothers of young children working, the demand for preschool and childcare programs has increased dramatically.” (Antler and Biklen, 1990, p49)

The staff at the Care for Your Children include trained professionals in the field of child education, volunteers and child psychologists who work together to create an effective learning environment for the children. The ratio of staff to children is kept around 1 supervisor attending to 5-6 children.

The environmental scan describes the organization in context of the clientele the curriculum, and staff. On the other hand human environment and the social presence in the childhood setting can also have profound influence over the leadership structure at the childcare institution.

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Essay: Staff of Care for Your Children
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