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The usual stakeholders of the business include the creditors of the company, the customers of the company, the board of directors, the employees and the management as well as the shareholders, if present, along with the community where the business operates.

In the case of Malden Mills the stakeholders of company at the time of the fire included the owner of the company which was Aaron Feuerstein whose stake in the company was the company itself, the revenues that he earned off it and the future success of the company. The other stakeholders of the company included the investors and the creditors of the company who had made investments in the business for routine payback in the form of retained earnings from profit and provided loans and credit for day to day operations of the business. The customers are also amongst the stakeholders of the Malden Mills as they had ordered yarn and similar products from the Mills, and in some cases paid for their purchases in advance,  which were now lost due to the fire. Aside from this the management and the employees of the company were also the stakeholders of the company. The management was responsible for running the business in a profitable and progressive manner for future growth and their contributions to the company were their stake. The employees of the company also had their stake in the Malden Mills in the form of their effort and work pout together to run the company, and the livelihood that they earned from working at the company to support themselves and their families. Aside from this the employees of the company also had put their careers as a stake in the company by working in the Malden Mills.

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Essay: Stakeholders of Malden Mills
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