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The constraints that have caused these problems to be reflected in the product and service offerings of the Starbucks Corporation include the fact that the company has adopted the approach of franchising its operations. While this has increased the visibility of the brand and the geographic coverage of the company in terms of its market, the Starbucks Corporation has lost control over the quality of its products and the way customer service is handled in its retail franchises.

As a result in order to improve the quality of the product and bring them up to the expectations of the target market and customers of the brand, the company will have to first invest in establishing control and standardization across its national as well as international network of retail outlets and franchises.

The concern that was most evident in the customer survey was that with the expansion of the company and the brand of the original product. As a result in order to redeem the high standards of operation and quality the Starbucks Corporation will have to invest in reengineering its management, training and operation based processes.

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Essay: Starbucks Corporation Marketing Drawbacks
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