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The strategies mentioned above can be implemented by changing the atmosphere for Starbucks stores in China, making them reflect a fusion of Starbucks and modern/contemporary Chinese culture. This can also be reflected in the advertising and marketing campaigns launched by Starbucks in China.For incorporating the Chinese culture in the menus and product offering of the company, Starbucks will have to carry out extensive product and service related research and development specific to the South East Asian and Chinese market. The results can provide which menu items would be appreciated and preferred by the Chinese coffee market.


Evaluation and Control

In order to be effective in deploying the market specific and customized corporate and marketing strategies, the Starbucks company needs to setup a monitory and control set up. Specific objectives for the strategy deployment need to be develop which highlight the desired end results in terms of strengthening of the Starbucks brand and image in China as well as the increasing the market of coffee consumers. Additionally an external audit program can be launched to evaluate the performance of the business.

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Essay: Starbucks’ Implementation of Diversification Strategy
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