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The third principle of the company related to developing a satisfied customer base. The company has been able to adhere to this principle as it has been able to establish a very large customer base for itself in the market all around the world. The brand name of Starbucks and the good service and products provided in the stores increase the satisfaction level of the customers. However with time, changes have been taking place in the franchises where the recent culture of the community is more adhered to than the original Italian café culture.

This is development for the company but negates the third principle of the company’s mission statement. A customer of the Starbucks Company said that “The coffee is unique and tasty, but it is not the only reason I like to visit each day. The place has energy and is well run. After awhile, being the marketer that I am, I began to take note of the details that make Starbucks special. There are the obvious ones, like big, comfortable chairs; soft, well-focused track lighting; well-planned merchandising; anti other atmospheric accoutrements. But the real differentiators, in my mind, are those details related to the way the place is managed.” (Motley, 2007)

The Starbucks Company identified its other principle to be that the company would be promoting ethical and work place diversity in its operations. The company has been able to employ this principle for the processing of the business activities. The company has a very culturally as well as a geographically diverse employee base which focuses on employing the people form the local community and training them to work in the Starbucks franchise stores.

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Essay: Starbucks’ Mission Statement Component Analysis
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