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The five most significant and important ratios for the Starbucks company for a strategic audit are the debt ratio, the return on equity ratio, the current ratio, the market value and the dividend payout ratio. The debt ratio is important as it depicts the debt of the business against the equity. Currently it stands at 0.40% in 2001.

The return on equity ratio for the company is at 14.40% which depicts high returns for the company on the capital which is invested by it into the business and the market. The current ratio provides the liquidity status of the company which is currently at 1.33. The dividend payout ratio is also significant as it stands at 0.0% which means the company has been operating without paying out dividends to its shareholders, while still maintaining a high share value in the market. The market value of the company is at $5,639.90 million

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Essay: Starbucks’ strategic audit
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