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The financial crisis gives the idea that opening up a new business would not be a wise idea while looking at the current status of the economy instead it will be better to stick to the job since already the country is facing the problem of unemployment and more and more people are going job less. It is better to stay safe and not take a risk that will for sure prove to be failure. Instead of opening up a new business since looking at the current situation it is not advisable and it is better to stick to the job in hand since the economy is so slow that loosing out on a job and a loss in the business will result in a wrecked situation.

This question can be answered well with economic reasoning by considering certain factors that will be placed a number of importance and further the result can be analyzed in order to reach to a conclusion that whether it is advisable to open a new business or stick to the job in hand. The factors will be given numbers 1-6 as in 1 being most important and 6 being least important (U.S; 2008).

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Essay: Starting new business after 2008 crisis
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