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The strategic analysis is conducted for the Estee Lauder Companies which depicts the current strategic position of the company and the recommended strategies that the company should implement in order to attain a better strategic position of the market. The existing vision, mission and the objectives of the company are analyzed, while new vision and mission statements for the company are proposed. There exist significant external opportunities for growth and expansion of the business while threats correspond with intensive levels of competition.

The PESTLE and competitive forces analysis is conducted to aid in the identification of the internal strengths and weaknesses and the external threats and opportunities. The CPM analysis and the above depicted Matrix provides that the L’Oreal Group is dominating on the critical success factors with a total weighted score of 3.75 which is very good. The weighted score of 2.91 on theIFEmatrix depicts Estee Lauder has relatively above average internal position. The weighted score of 3.41 on the EFE matrix depicts Estee Lauder has an above average ability to respond to the external factors.  The SPACE matrix indicates that the company should take an aggressive approach towards positioning itself through its strategies.

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Essay: Strategic analysis of Estee Lauder Companies
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