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The investor profile at the corporate website of the Estee Lauder Companies provided detailed information pertaining to the vision, the mission, objectives and the strategies of the company.The mission of the company as provided by Estee Lauder Companies is as follows: “Our mission is to keep expanding by moving our brands into new geographies and the best retail opportunities and developing must-have products. Wherever the future takes us, the consumer will be at the center of our thinking. We plan to invest greater resources in consumer insights, so we can continue creating products and services that will surprise and thrill consumers across the globe.” (‘From the Executive Office of The Estée Lauder Companies’, 2009) The vision of the company is to “reinforce our position as the worldwide leader in prestige beauty” (‘From the Executive Office of The Estée Lauder Companies’, 2009)

The current strategic objective of the Estee lauder Companies is to be cost effective and fuel high sales for the organization. As a result the company strives for initiatives which leverage the strength of the company and its brands in order to make it more effective, efficient as well as increase the sales for the company. Aside from this the company also sees itself as an active socially responsible corporate citizen.

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Essay: Strategic Business Analysis of Estee Lauder
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