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The key people in the strategic management team for the company include Howard Schulz whose contributions to the company have shaped the structure of Starbucks and its position in the market. The other two key people who are on the team include Howars Behar who is extensively experienced in retail management of various stores and Orin Smith who is an accomplished financial manager. Another prominent person is Dave Olsen who is the senior vice president for Culture and immersion who is responsible for ensuring Starbucks core values are integrated with the operations in the international market as well.

The management at Starbucks is diverse in terms of their origin, ethnicity as well as gender ratios. The gender ratio of employees at Starbucks is 66 percent females and 34 percent males. The Caucasian people employed by the company amount if 69 percent of its workforce, while 31 percent of the people are people of color.

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Essay: Strategic Managers at Starbucks
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