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Strategy and Marketing are two inseparable topics as they overlap. This dissertation takes the resource based view as strategic capability is key in these two businesses. Resources and competences dictate the strategy of these two businesses. The question is the equilibrium of long term planning and flexibility. As Polcha (1990) asserts, even the state-of-the-art centrally controlled planning system would need managers of international businesses an even greater degree of flexibility if they are to compete successfully in a rapidly shifting global market. The analysis of the two competitors enable to evaluate how much planned and how much emergent strategy is reflect on operations and competition strategies in the international marketing effort.

International and global business enterprises require a host of resources to support the operations of the business. These pertain to the financial, research and development, people, management as well as technical and market resources. This resource based view is strategically important for the management of the human resource in the company across the international boundaries. According to the resource based view of the strategy, the companies have to develop strategies which correspond to the changes taking place in the environment as well as those which aim at utilizing the current resources available in the international market for long term sustainability.

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Essay: Strategy and Marketing
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