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Essentially the operations of the Starbucks Corporation were divided in the sense that the local US operations were handled by the Starbucks Corporation itself while the international operations of the company were franchises of the brand handled by the local parties. However as mentioned above this was creating discrepancy in terms of the quality of the coffee brewed and served in the franchise locations. As a result the Starbucks Company has had to implement strict training and development programs for its staff. The staff at the different international locations is specifically trained in class room session as well as through practical exercises in the correct procedure for brewing the different popular and unique Starbucks blends and for providing the expected high customer service. Specific protocols are established for maintain hygiene of the retail stores and for creating the brand associated ambiance in them.

The trend for the consumption of the high fat concentrated and largely sweetened drinks with whipped cream favored by the customers was also identified by the company as being detrimental in the long run

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Essay: Strategy Implementation at Starbucks
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