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On order to begin transformation at OJuice the first thing that needs to be done is to change the management style and the organizational culture at the company. “Organization behavior is the result of the interaction between the human being and the formal organization” (Luthans, 1973, p69). Currently the company follows a bureaucratic style of management with established rules and regulation, a strict hierarchy and no room for change and innovation.

However the industry is being taken over by young innovative and creative entrepreneurs that are eating into the market share of OJuice. Therefore the company needs to evolve and change while adopting a customer specific perspective towards the operations and diversification (Gronroos, 1994, p6).

In order to resolve the social, political and the management based issued faced by the company the company needs to adopt a change management imitative. To make it a learning organization, CEO of OJuice should restructure management of the organization making it based on teams and groups responsible for the specific business function and activity areas.

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Essay: Strategy to be adopted by OJuice Company
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