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The Anheuser-Busch company derives its strengths form its established network and infrastructure as well as the established brands that the company owns. The specific strengths of the company include the facts that the company has a leadership position in the market.

The leadership position provides the company with an established network of contacts as well as access to the financial and investment institutions which allow it funding for the research and development of the new products and services. This is crucial for a company in the sector as the future of the market is depend on the research and development of service standards and procedures. The strong brand names that are owned and operated on by the company also add to the equity and the value of the Anheuser-Busch company brand itself. The net worth of the company increases due to the premium value of its brands. Additionally the string network of breweries that the company has also provides the company with the strength to be dynamic and better than its competitors in the international and the global market for beer and alcohol based beverages.

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Essay: Strengths of Anheuser-Busch Company
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