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The strengths that are presented by the organization having subcultures is that the organization becomes more representative of its people and through the process of progressive development the organizational culture on the whole for the organization can develop and evolve though the inclusion of the positive subcultures,

and the removal/ elimination of the subcultures which hamper the growth and the development of the organization and the achievement of its goals. In the dynamic and multicultural market of today, and organizational culture based on subculture is more representative and better performing as the company can understand its customers in a better manner.

The agility and the dynamicity of the subcultures make way for positive influence son the organization cultures depicting them as a major strength. The sub-cultural factors that strengthen the overall culture in an organization pertain to their characteristic of not disrupting the overarching couture, and the fact that they are a response for organization change. IN times of turbulence the subcultures can present themselves as outlet for the members of the organization. It is possible for the subculture to make way for change in the organization while not obstructing the overarching core cultural values of the organization which is one of the main strengths of subcultures in organizations. In fact some opposing subcultures can also exist simply because of the difference that exists between the peripheral and the pivotal values in an organization.

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Essay: Strengths Of “Organization As Subcultures”
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