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The strengths of the Anheuser Busch Company pertain to its well established network for beverage distribution, storage and transportation to wholesalers and retailers, and the prestigious and premium brand names that are owned by the company under the umbrella of Anheuser Busch.

This gives the company a leadership position in the market right now increasing the chances of the company getting financial leverage and support from financial institutions based on its goodwill. The diverse range of breweries owned by the company in the international markets also provides it with the opportunity to divulge into diverse beverage based markets in the home front as well as in the international regions of its operations.

Therefore in order to make use of the resources and strengths that it has the Anheuser Busch Company should diversify into other markets aside from beer and beer based products/ beverages.

The company should diversify its sales to different markets as well targeting different segments of the market within theUnited States

The company should attempt to analyze the profitability of its entertainment ventures and theme parks, closing down those that are slowly losing customers and showing a decreasing trend towards customer attraction/retention

The company should diversify not just its operations as well as its product line and services in its international regions of operations to take advantage of the increased market that would be exposed to the company through this.

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Essay: Strengths of the Anheuser Busch Company
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