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The body shop is the only company that has been awarded the Humane Cosmetics Standards for it’s against animal testing policy. The body shop is the only cosmetic company with such great commitment to fair trade though their community trade program. They buy good quality products at reasonable prices from assisted areas in order to enhance that community. Since they pay for these raw materials the community can spend it on education and infrastructure to develop.

They are the only cosmetics company with a transparent corporate strategy where everyone knows what they use and how they make it. They believe everyone has a right to know who makes the products and the kind of material used to make the products. They are the only company who has policies and programs that work actively for a better and healthy environment. Their corporate social responsibility is incredible and commendable. They believe business can be profitable and responsible. They also have an activate self-esteem program that helps boost self-esteem in women by looking their best. The company has a charity program that aims to provide for the needy. The body shop is a novelty and a status symbol for people. It is the market leader and is irreplaceable.

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Essay: Strengths of the Body Shop
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