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Utilization theory is the concept through which businesses make use of system and workflow modeling to increase the flow of operations and therefore efficiency for the business processes. In the utilization review however specifically for the medical care industry, the tool can enable the concerned parties and the stakeholders to change the method of operation of the medical entity to reflect standardization and professional autonomy. “The Process of concurrent utilization review (UR) is a utilization management strategy used by the managed care industry to control length of stay (LOS) and use of ancillary services by hospitalized patients. While the process may be applied to care provided in all settings, it is usually applied most intensively to hospital care since this is the most costly setting.”  (Murray, 2001)

Concurrent utilization however has certain strengths as well as some weaknesses. The strengths of the concurrent utilization review pertain to the fact that the concurrent utilization review can highlight the differences and discrepancies that exit in the different business processes across an industry. Moreover the concurrent utilization theory can also highlight the responsibility and accountability factor in the different processes and how it is being handled by the different firms. (Schlesinger & Gray, 1997)

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Essay: Strengths of Utilization theory
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