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One of the main strengths of the company was in the leader or the owner of the Malden Mills who aside from being an ethical man was also a shrewd businessman who believed in helping others through tough times so they could help him through his. This is the same theory which he admitted to applying to his business as well both before and after the incident of the fire. Before the fire the communication and the relationship between the employees and Feuerstein was very string and Feuerstein sought to pay his workers better and well above the industry average for their efforts.

Ulmer conducted a research based analysis on the Malden Mills case and his “analysis demonstrates the importance of establishing strong communication channels and positive value positions with stakeholders well before crises erupt” (Ulmer, 2001). The presence of strong communication and ethical commitment was also the strength of the company as “strong commitment to stakeholders, an immediate and unequivocal commitment to rebuild, and crisis as an opportunity for renewal.” (Seeger and Ulmer, 2002)

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Essay: Strengths & Weaknesses of Malden Mills case
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