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The strengths that will be present for the Quartz company for operating in the Czech Republic pertain to establishment of a string brand image in the eastern European region which can further be leveraged to expand to the European countries,

an increase in the target market for the company, increase in the prospective product portfolio, diversification of operations, diversification of geographic presence as well as entry in the Omega markets.

The weaknesses that the company might have to face pertain to fluctuating revenue and EBIT levels, weak returns and  weak financial performance in the initial years as well as decline in the cash available for operating activities.

The SWOT analysis indicates, that in order to survive in the market, the Quartz company will have to be aggressive in its operations and marketing in the region as well as diversify its investment to avoid the weak returns and performance that is predicted in the sector in the initial years if its operations. When the company is able to establish itself in the market, the company can exploit the opportunities available to it by leveraging its strengths to overcome the weaknesses and the threats faced by it.

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Essay: Strengths & Weaknesses of Quartz Company
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