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The revelation of the events at the Abu Gharib prison is a significant example of such an incident where the guards were involved in power based authoritative, oppressive, tyrannous as well violent behavior when it came to the treatment of the guards who where resorting to the pressures of the situation leading to their endurance of humiliation, oppression and violence.

Moreover in 2007 another study was undertaken in Texas which pertained to role playing exercised along similar constructs and terms which indicated a similar pattern for abusive, oppressive as well as humiliating behavior as was depicted in the experiment by Zimbardo in 1973 and Haslam and Reicher in 2002.

The experiment by Haslam and Reicher was significantly different from that of Zimbardo as it kept in account the importance of ethics and the human rights of the people. The results also depicted that the people thirty years after the Zimbardo’s experiment at Stanford are more aware of their social and human rights and therefore more willing to fight against harsh treatment and oppression. The conformity for being in positions of power were not reluctant or significantly different in the two experiments by Haslam & Reicher and Zimbardo however the reaction and the actions of the prisoners clearly indicate that, thirty years later they are more willing to put up a fight against conformity than they were before.

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Essay: Study of Social Psychology
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