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As a result it is possible for the different levels of management to have different subcultures as well. “One of the most powerful subcultures is made up of the higher echelons of management. One set of beliefs among members is that they dictate how to organize work and arrange division of labor amongst employees. They believe that they should decide how tasks are divided, who will do them and who should control the selection and training of employees.” (Trice, 1993) Aside from this the different functions in organizations can also be based on different subcultures.

As a result it is possible for the finance department to be more bureaucratic and audit oriented, while the marketing function can be more creative, open minded, adventurous as well as more active and gob getting than the human resource or the finance departments. The differences between the departments and functions of the organizations are largely based on the social interaction, the cultural norms and the sun cultural influences based on management style and demographic influences.

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Essay: Subcultures in Organizations
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