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The main success factors that have contributed to the successful adoption of the e-procurement systems in the industries pertain to the effort taken by the companies and their management. It is essential for the companies divulging in the e-procurement technology to know how much they are willing and able to spend.

The companies should their homework specific to their requirements and expectations from the systems technology. The right tools for the job need to be highlighted and feedback loop on the progress of the development and the implementation of the system need to be set up. Other success factors include aligning the business processes and the systems with the incentives and the objectives of the business and employing the continuous improvement [philosophy for the business operations. (‘10 Key Strategies to Assure e-Sourcing Savings & Success’, 2004) “Although e-procurement has substantially streamlined the procurement and coordination processes for indirect goods, many companies operate multiple e-procurement solutions. For integrated procurement solutions, the paper recognizes the need of an overall procurement strategy and organization, an alignment of various e-procurement solutions along the procurement process and the need for integrated system architectures. Companies also have to realize that a no standardized e-procurement solutions exists” (Puschmann, 2005)

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Essay: Success Factors of e-Procurement Implementation
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