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Most customers have ICE Components ship on a fixed schedule, not on demand. In contrast, when EPIC needs restocking, it sends an e-mail and ICE ships. Six of the company’s 12 original equipment manufacturer customers work on the kanban system. One is Respironics, which makes medical instruments, including a device for treating sleep apnea. According to Sammut, this system eliminates the impact of euphoric forecasts. He added that when using kanban, one will know quickly if a forecast is euphoric or real.” (Roberts, 2004)


Another company which has been utilizing the Kanban and the Kaizen philosophies as set by the Japanese for continuous improvement and just in time operations for the supply function has been the retail giant of Wal-Mart. The Wal-Mart company is a retail giant which operates worldwide and has revolutionized the way supply chain management is carried out through the utilization of the just in time inventory management approach

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Essay: Success of Kanban and the Kaizen philosophies
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