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The Japanese philosophy of management and the principles of just in time and Kaizen have been increasingly becoming popular to businesses around the world. The entrepreneurs as well as management at large companies have started adopting innovative information technology which makes just in time operations more feasible and controlled for running other functions of their business aside form the production function.

“Over the last five decades the Toyota Production System (TPS) has evolved from an advanced socio technical concept in manufacturing to a participative design for large-scale change management. Toyota has been able to sustain a strategic competitive advantage by applying TPS as a process innovation and intervention, as measured by quality, reliability, productivity, cost reduction, sales and market share growth, and market capitalization.” (Collins & Muthusamy, 2007).

The just in time operations have been utilized by not only the manufacturing business but also those who are involved in the provision of intangible floods and services as well. Amongst the most popular models of business which is run on the just in time technique is the online product and service provision. The companies do not keep inventory of products, instead they tend to supply the goods and services as and when required to the customers through their sellers, whole sellers and distribution networks.

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Essay: Success of Toyota Productions System
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