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A suggestion that was put forward by the consumers of Starbucks coffee and beverages was that they wanted the Starbucks Corporation to reduce their prices for their products. The consumers realized that Starbucks is a premium brand which delivers high quality and a very diverse range of coffee beans and flavors to its customers, however their beverages and product offerings are too high priced, making them unaffordable for a percentage of the Starbucks Corporation target market.

Moreover even the brand loyal customers of Starbucks were also of the opinion that the Starbucks was loosing its charm to franchising and incorporation. It is no longer the café down the street which serves good coffee but a premium corporation which sells flat and unhealthy stuff of mediocre quality. An external customer satisfaction survey of the coffee houses in United Kingdome depicted that “Starbucks came up the worst among his tests — too much water in the americano, and rather anemic milk frothing on the cappuccino. And to prove that you don’t always get what you pay for, Starbucks also rated the most expensive of the lot.” (‘Which? Magazine survey:UKcoffee chains’, 2008)

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Essay: Suggestions by Consumers of Starbucks
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