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Through the research it has also been determined that the supply chain management is one of the most complicated and difficult tasks undertaken by any company.

This is made even more complicated for the automobile companies operating in the global automobile industry as they have to have to control the different components and parts that go into making a complex finished product such as the a motor vehicle. Moreover the degree of customization that is required for the different variations and the models of the product as well as managing the supply of the finished goods as per the regional as well as the international demand of the product is a difficult feat to take one. However the reality of the automobile industry is such that it has to operate in such dynamic and constantly changing and fluctuating conditions in order to be successful. Companies inspired by the Toyota Production System have taken on the philosophy of lean production to better manage their operations and make them more efficient. The parties that have to work together in order to manage and control the supply chain and value chain system based on the Toyota Production System methodology include the suppliers, the transport and logistics providing agencies, the dealers as well as the information technology and communication technology providing companies. The proper interaction and contribution by the above mentioned parties enable the business to have an improved supply chain with increased efficiency and lowering of the overall costs of operating the business.

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Essay: Supply Chain Management at Toyota
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