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“The supply chain system is modeled as a mixed-integer nonlinear programming (MINLP) problem. It is solved optimally by branch-and-bound method to determine the number of kanbans, batch size, number of batches, and the total quantity over one period. Meanwhile, the kanban operation between two adjacent plants is worked out considering the factors of loading and unloading time, and transport time. Coupled with plant-wide efforts for cost control and management commitment to enhance other measures of performance, a logistics system for controlling the production as well as the supply chain system is developed, which results in minimizing the total cost of the supply chain system.” (‘A Single-stage supply chain system controlled by kanban under just-in-time philosophy’)

The supply chain management issues that are faced by the automobile manufactures in the global automobile industry as identified earlier can be categorized into two groups. One of which is called the existential issues. These issues present the underlying attributes and the characteristics of the automobile industry. The six existential issues identified share common attributes which can be depicted as the industrial relations environment surrounding the company, the logistic provides which facilitate the communication of products and inventories between the various businesses and the information systems which are used to establish communication links with the business partners for timely transfer of data between the partners

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Essay: Supply Chain Management Philosophy at Toyota
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