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The company has gone from providing an Italian coffee bar theme to being a global coffee brand. “Though stores in the US were owned by Starbucks, international expansion focused on partnerships using local partners. There were Starbucks stores in the UK,Taiwan,Thailand,New Zealand, Malaysia, China, Kong, Kuwait, and South Korea among others.

The company had 1312 stores in over 30 countries in 2002” (‘Starbucks and the Milk Decision – Doing the right thing’). This has raised challenges in terms of how the quality can be standardized and increased. In order to do so the company will have to first take control of its operations across the network in the local as well as in the international market. The company will then have to integrate the operations and centralize them in terms of the quality testing and assurance of the products sold over the counter at the retail shops. For this the company will have to train its staff and waiters to provide a certain kind of customer service in a defined range of time. Moreover the staff will also have to be trained in the specific highly professional and unique Starbucks coffee making skills at the equipment and manufacturing technology. This would be used to ensure that the same kind of product with a standardized quality is provided to the customers.

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Essay: Systems to Improve Quality at Starbucks
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