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The target market for HMV includes people who like to listen to music and watch movies. They can belong to a diverse demographic however they are restricted geographically toUnited Kingdom,Canada,Hong Kong and Singapore only.

Through the ecommerce site however the HMV is targeted a much wider audience which is not catered through its retail stores in the high streets. The targeted market includes females as well as males and pertains to an age group of 18 to 40. While the content available is suitable for people above 40 as well but the aesthetics and the set up the site is more targeted towards the younger generation. The color schemes and the layout are set so as to appeal to the hip and young crowd while the content which is advertised on the homepage is targeting the same audience as well.


The main categories and products that are sold through the ecommerce site pertain to CDs and DVDs of music, videos, games and special events. Aside from this trailers and clips of songs are also made available for promotional purposes. The media sold online is divided into its generic categories as the content and the themes.  As a result of the observation and the analysis of the website it can be said that the navigation of the website is user friendly and the set up of the website is admirable as well. However the website does not directly cater to the needs of its customers. The customers want to be able to download music and load them onto their iPods. The consumer trend has changed from buying CDs and DVDs of music to simply downloading and loading them onto their music playing devices. HMV has to take this into perspective and offer specialized services as per the changing requirements of the target market.

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Essay: Target Market of HMV Company
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