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In terms of the technology used by the population in the region, the ‘Czech Republic is amongst the most developed post communist countries. The total number of people who used the internet rose to 45 million by the end of 2007, 10 percent more than last year. The share of online households was 27 percent in 2006. Internet access is readily available for both consumers and businesses.’ (‘Czech Country Profile’, 2008)

The information technology market in the region is growing at a very high rate which is well above the rate of growth of the economy. The penetration of the information technology and computers is forecasted to be 60.9 percent of the population in the year 2009. ‘The Czech communication sector is amongst the most advanced in central and eastEurope. The quality of services has also risen owing to rapid digitalization, which reached 93 percent at the end of 2001.’ (‘Czech Country Profile’, 2008) However there is still room for improvement and growth in the IT sectors. This makes the technology based environment for the country a developing and constantly changing/ dynamic environment for businesses to operate in.  ‘Despite being one of the most mature IT markets in the region, theCzech Republicstill offers plenty of growth potential. Computer penetration is still some way behind the EU average. In addition, several million euros are flowing into the market from EU funds following accession. Economic liberalization will generate opportunities in financial, transport, and retail sectors, among others.’ (‘The Czech Republic Information Technology Report 2008’, 2008)

The technological environment allows business to patent new technologies while operating in the region and attain fist mover advantage in the industry for new innovative business procedures and technologies. This can provide new companies which are highly technology oriented to attain a competitive advantage amongst those currently operating in the economy.

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Essay: Technological analysis of Czech Republic
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