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The technological changes made to the company for establishing the current position of the company the market pertaining to investing in the new technology available to keep up the high level of quality and innovation that is the trademark of the Anheuser Busch Company worldwide and performing backward and forward integration using the new technologies available.

The changes in the social environment surrounding the company were handled by upholding  the responsibility to the society and the environment by contributing back to them in form of providing health care in the communities, education and training for the employees, grants and scholarships for those in need and donations to the conservation projects. Anheuser-Busch also started sister concerns of the Anheuser-Busch company which themselves were separately promoting the society and environmental efforts. In order to compete against the stiff competition in the international market the company played on the strong financial position and the brand name of Anheuser Busch to match the competition on a global level and developed a stronger image and customer base in the global market to thwart by leveraging its main two brands to thwart the competition. The company was also able to challenge the new products launched by the competitors by responding to the competition by launching new products and being proactive and building strong customer basis for the Budweiser and the Bud Light brand. The company was also established early on that the consumer tastes and criteria for product choices can differ with time. As a result the company was proactive and perceptive in catering to the diverse needs of the international market. It provided the current product offering to the customers in the international market with customized marketing strategies.

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Essay: Technological Factors of Anheuser Busch Company
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