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If I had a web based business I would decide whether or not to go for AppLogic based on the needs of the system. If the business had a huge system that required an intervention plus needed software license instead of availing just the service, then I would go for 3Tera.

It will depend on the nature and requirements of the business based on which the decision of buying a particular utility computing service shall be based. Therefore, the decision to purchase 3tera will change if the business assumed hypothetically is large but since 3tera is preferred by big businesses, I will choose 3tera over Amazon (Leonard Kleinrock, 2005).

3PAR, Inc. was founded in California and in 2010, Forbes magazine acknowledged the company as the fourth fastest growing technology company in its Tech25 list. 3PAR provides the same services as 3tera or Amazon but it introduced a new category of disk arrays called ‘utility storage’ which provide a multifaceted set of services that enables businesses to deliver both virtualized and infrastructure as a service. The software has a service called SaaS and social networking business models have been introduced and. Government organizations need to go for 3PAR! Unlike Amazon 3PAR targets enterprises and government organizations. Once again if I wanted to purchase in the case of a large enterprise then 3PAR would be good since it has advantages due to which a number of big companies would prefer 3PAR to 3tera or Amazon. 3PAR is more expensive than 3Tera, which makes Amazon most attractive in terms of small firms whereas large firms can go for 3tera or 3par. Depending on the size of the company and its requirements I will decide whether to go for 3tera, 3par or Amazon (Leonard Kleinrock, 2005).

Hence both companies have their own services but the client has a good choice amongst 3tera, 3PAR and Amazon depending on their service and system requirements.

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Essay: Technology Implementation at Amazon
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