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Tilt rotors have been a popular pursuit for the aviation industry, where the unique capability of combining the flying style of a plane and a helicopter are held very attractive. The research on the development of the tiltrotor commenced in the 1940s and the first tiltrotor aircraft that was designed was the Bell XV-3 that was built in 1953.The aircraft was operational till 1966 after which new developments in the tiltrotor aircraft and technology revealed a new aircraft in 1981 by the name of V-22 Osprey. This was a combined effort between theBelland the Boeing companies. Finally in late 90s the BA609 tiltrotor was constructed by the two companiesBelland Augusta Westland.

The present aviation market provides a need for an aircraft that can combine the characteristics of a plane and a helicopter with vertical take off yet capacity to carry more payloads over increased distances. The demand is much high specially as presented by theUSforces and by the short and medium hall airlines. The BA609 bridges this gap in the industry by providing the unique characteristic of vertical take off while also providing a heavier payload capacity and the capacity to carry 6-9 passengers in its cabin over longer distances.

The FAA requirements for the flight of the tiltrotor aircraft require specially trained pilots that have experience in both flying a plane as well as plying a helicopter. The FAA requires pilots for the BA609 tiltrotor to have ATP Certificate and Commercial flying certificate with mandatory number of night, cross country flight hours along with 1000 hours of flight in the capacity of the head pilot.

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Essay: Technology in Aviation Industry
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