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The advertising budget had to be increased each year and the type of advertisement had to be changed as well. The ad type had to be changed to direct advertisement since pioneer was not deriving the desired results and the budget had to be increased to $ 270,000. In year 3, the analysis showed that direct advertisement was not working so it was changed toindirect and the budget increased to $ 300,000.

In year 4 the ad type remained the same that indirect since it derived the desired results to a great extent and the budget went up to $ 367,000. In year 5, since the overall strategy was changed to a low cost one then the budget was reduced to $ 300,000 and the ad type went back to direct. The reason for switching back to direct was that direct ad was cheaper to make and the budget of $ 300,000 was a good amount to make a better ad of the type whereas, indirect could also have been chosen but cost wise and quality wise direct proved to be a better option.

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Essay: The advertising budget at Premeter 3
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