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The Best Buy credit card can be offered on competitive APR rates of 10-12% with a promotional offer of no annual charge for up to 12 months. The rebates on the card can pertain to 5-7 percent rebates on the purchases charge to the card. These rebates can be available by the customer in term of a cash back program whereby they can get extra cash to spend at Best Buy or in terms of a selection of rewards and gift offered by best buy on periodic intervals. This can form the reward zone program for the company, through which the customers can use the points accumulated through their purchases to buy consumer electronics and appliance products through the online store without additional shipping and delivery charges. Moreover promotional gifts and giveaways can be provided to customers who would be using the Best Buy Credit card at their physical stores as well as in those pertaining to Best Buy affiliates. This can greatly add value to the customers while encouraging them to stay loyal to the Best Buy Company

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Essay: The Best Buy Credit Card
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