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The Body Shop is a leader in many aspects and has a competitive advantage over its other competitors. It is the first company to be awarded the Humane Cosmetics Standard for it’s against animal testing policy.

The Body Shop is the only cosmetics company that produces cosmetics with pure and natural ingredients that no other cosmetics company has been able to achieve as yet. They are the only company that has a strong commitment towards fair trade and they have a community trade program to back their commitment. The Body shop is a market leader in terms of corporate transparency and they have brought about environment and social changes in the world. They support human rights by working against human trafficking and they have their own charity program. This makes them the only cosmetics company that is huge, profitable and responsible. This passion to protect the world has given them an edge. They produce products that suit all skin types since they use natural ingredients that no other cosmetics company has been able to do as yet. They deal in a wide range of bath care, fragrances, hair products, make-up, skin care and well being products. They also have a range for men products (Brock, Pope; 1993).

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Essay: The Body Shop as a brand
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