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The book itself is a comprehensive source for getting to know America and the different people that have resided in the region. The book highlights the contributions that have been made by the diverse cultures, races and type of living inAmericaover the period of years and how their presence in the region has enabledAmericato become a multicultural hub in the world of today.

               The book itself is arranged in a chronological format starting from the early history of America and highlights how the presence of the settlers in the region, brought a different way of thinking, laws, culture and lifestyle to theNew World. Following on Susan Wyle has taken excerpts and contributions form the other cultures and diverse races that have mad their ay into America since then to arrive at the America of today where numerous types of cultures, and races co0inhabit. Wyle highlights the different social and racial conflicts that have taken place in the past in America and the ensuing struggles that have left their mark on the region. For the book, the author has made use of primary as well as secondary sources of data along with other literacy sources to ground the concept of the book with strong support.

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Essay: The Book on American Multiculture
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