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The Care for Your Children was established in 1998 as a small community-run facility catering to the children in the region. Initially the clientele of the facility pertained to 8 children, which over the years has exponentially and steadily increased to become 37 in 2008. The organization has experienced significant changes in its management and scope due to the increasing number of its clientele and the increased awareness amongst the community regarding the importance of preschool education and its relation to future academic performance.

Learning and development of the children is encouraged through the use of play and interaction based activities. Interactive games, story time and cognitive development exercises are set up for encouraging learning and development in the children while making the process experiential and enjoyable for them. Research has also revealed the importance of play based learning being an effective and efficient form of learning for children. Girolametto and Weitzman have provided in their study that

“the context of the interaction exerted a systematic influence on the caregivers’ use of responsive strategies, with the play dough activity providing the most responsive input overall.” (Girolametto and Weitzman, 2002)

Social bonding with peers is encouraged (Foot et al., 1995, p239) as part of the course to develop the social skills of the children.

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Essay: The Care for Your Children
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