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The evaluation of the Starbucks Company was specifically conducted as per the two articles from the Newsweek concerning the Starbucks companies operations shifting from its original concept and those pertaining to customer services and customer satisfaction. The operations of the company and the scenario depicted in real time and the articles was evaluated against the original mission of the company and its states six principles which serve as guidelines for the company and its operations. According to the evaluation the company has been able to establish itself in the market as a premium coffee maker and provider in the world. The quality of its products however has not been maintained in terms of its principles due to the global nature of the business, the expanding franchise network of the company and the adoption of automated machine for coffee blending and brewing. The company has also not been successful in maintaining its entrepreneurial nature, no matter what the management does to protect the company against corporation. The Starbucks business has become a global brand and its operations a global enterprise.

On the other hand when evaluated against the mission statement the company has been able to establish large customer base of satisfied customers. The business also seeks opportunities for profit maximization while the company is also providing a positive feedback to the environment and the communities. The company is simultaneously also boasts one of the worlds highly diverse workforces.

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Essay: The Evaluation of Starbucks Company Mission
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