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The Accenture Company is facing multiple opportunities in the international as well as the regional Indian market of information technology and consultancy based services. There has been a marked increase in the global spending by the companies for their information technology divisions. This is increasing the market available for the company enabling it to take advantage pf the increasing market to increase its own share. The marked increase in the growth of IT in the US, Europe as well as in the Asian countries likeIndiais providing opportunities for the company to expand and increase its operation on a regional as well as on a global scale. Aside from this the business process outsourcing market for the Human Resource and its management is also significantly increasing.

In order to combat against the personal management problems the company has been facing lately Accenture has employed the workforce-of-one technique where by it has been treating its employees as individuals elements in the workforce, targeting an HRM strategy devised specifically for them. Aside from this the company has also adopted a more performance oriented, responsive style of management to retain and leverage talent and knowledge base within the organization.

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Essay: The Future of Accenture
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