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The future of the network security lies not only with the trained professional in the telecommunication management field and the network administrators but also with the people who log on to the networks and unknowingly expose their private information to third parties intent in misusing the information. The current status of the lack of understanding about the operations of the networks on part of the users has resulted in the high levels of phishing and hacking taking place on the interment. Complex and intelligent viruses can jump the firewalls and can be undetected by virus scanners, as a result new evolutionary practices have to be adopted for establishing proper network security. “In general, the WLAN community has recognized that clearly the need for a multi-faceted security model is needed to overcome both perceived and real threats to the data integrity of their customers’ businesses. Additionally, it has reacted by both focusing on a long-term solution centered around the 802.11i work and by innovative and timely delivered techniques, such as Rapid Re-keying, to deliver a broader and more effective tool set to the user community. This focus on enhancing the options available and the quick reaction of the industry to security issues demonstrates that WLANs can not only be designed to match the threat profile of the environment, but also that the focus on security as an integral element of WLAN technology has moved to the very core of the development of both the IEEE802.11 standards and the products being developed by the leading vendors.” (Roese, 2002)  The increasing dependency of the people on the internet for the routine and daily tasks, as well as the increasing dependency of the business on the internet and network based communication technology has created a need for the proactive and efficient network security management tools and practices.

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Essay: The Future of the Network Security
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