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People even consider online journalism to be broader in scope, more informative as compared to those conducted through the traditional medium. There is more freedom of speech online, as official journalists as well as volunteers can provide information on various topic. Aside form this online journalism is also considered to be less biased as compared to the traditional medium for journalism.

According to Cohen as per her article in the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media in 2002, online journalism is depicted as a form of journalism which is entirely driven by the market. However, opposition to the benefits of online journalism and its advantages the form of journalism also is considered to be of temporary nature, with the news structure being more random than properly structured.

Moreover a study by Wise, Bolls and Schaefer, published in Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media provided that online journalism and internet based content can have choice effects on the cognitive processing of online news reading individuals.

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Essay: The Internet and Online Journalism
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