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One of the most astonishing things about this settlement was that the mass suicide was actually rehearsed on a regular bases where the followers of the cult were given vials with red liquid which were supposed be riddled with poison that could kill a human in 45 minutes. Everyone was supposed to take the fake poison and act dead in the maximum limit of the time. The explanation for this was given by Jim Hones as it being a loyalty test for the cult members, and that the real suicide was near at hand.

In 1978 after much complaints and allegations against the People’s Temple and Jim Jones, a formal investigation was launched whereby the Congressman Leo Ryan form San Francisco went to Guyana with a delegation of government officials and media to expose the cult and investigate the allegations that were present pertaining to the exploitation of the human rights, their violations false imprisonments as well as the suicide rehearsals and the apparent murders of those who sought to escape the cult. However, the Congressman as well as the cult members who wanted to willingly leave the cult were killed by the followers and the guards Jim Jones. In the same evening of this killing, an actual mass suicide was enacted, whereby all the followers of the People’s Temple in Jonestown were killed with cyanide.

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Essay: The Jonestown Massacre
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