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The marketing mix shall further analyse the marketing game specifically in terms of product, price, promotion and placement. Customers often prefer a particular brand over another but its difficult to point out the reason yet some customers perceive the higher the price the better the quality of the software whereas, others believe that the product that fits their needs is best (Smith, William D; 1971). Therefore, there is no particular reason for customers following a certain marketing mix of a brand.


The product is wordprocessing softwares and the features of this product have been divided into three parts that include number of special commands, level of error protection and the ease of learning. But there are regulations that prevent companies from having more than 20 special commands and research suggests  that consumers expect at least more than 5 special commands in the software. The level of error protection is rated from 1 which is lowest to 10 which is highest level of error protection. Similarliy, ease of learning has been rated from level 1-10 as well. Any changes or modifications to the product are costs charged to the marketing budget so the strategy shall include the yearwise product changes we need. This analysis will be for period 1 only.

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Essay: The Marketing Mix
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