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The product lines for the company of SCC include water, beers and soft drink brands. The water brands for the company include Água de Luso, Luso Fresh, Luso Fresh Sabores, Formas Luso, Água de Cruzeiro. However the most famous of these brands is Aqua de Luso. This is the most famous brand of bottled water which is sold and consumed inPortugal. “The Luso brand portfolio includes Água Mineral Natural de Luso (still water), Luso Fresh (slightly carbonated) and Luso Fresh Sabores (fruit flavoured).” (SCC Official Company Website)

The soft drinks that are manufacturer by the company are characteristic due to their sweet acidic fruity tastes. The soft drink brands for SCC include the brands Joi and Spirit. The Beer brands however which form the bulk of the manufacturing and the marketing function for the company pertain to Sagres which comes in the brands of Sagres Branca,

Sagres Preta,


Sagres Chopp,

Sagres Selecção, and

Sagres Zero. Other brands include

Imperial and Jansen variations of

Jansen Branca and

Jansen Preta. The most famous international brand includes the

Foster’s and other brands which are produces, and provided by the company pertain to

John Smith’s,



Beamish and



Essay: The Product Lines of Central de Cervejas
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